selected courses

SP17 ARCH 4023 BioCity

FA16 ARCH 303v Advanced Topics in Sustainability (w/Drs. Messadi, Nutter and Braham)

FA16 ARCH 5016 Des VII Collaboration & Competition Advanced Studio [HERE]

SP16 ARCH 4023 Objects of Desire

FA15 ARCH 4723H Research Methods (w/Dr. Webb)

FA14 Genoa Unige Workshop w/Shahin Vassigh: Mapping Genoa [Link]

FA13 ARC 5744 4783 History III

FA13 ARC 5205b Theory_WIKI

SP13  ARC 5933 Space, Society and the Digital (Sponsored by Wolfsonian-FIU) [Link]

FA12  ARC 5744 4783 History III

FA12  ARC 5205 Advanced Theory

FA12 ARC 6947 Research Methods

SP12  ARC 5935 - U2 Applied Mapping [HERE]

SP12 Master’s Studio [studio book [HERE]

FA11 History III

SP10 Applied Mapping