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Applied Mapping and Data Visualization, Routledge Sum 2017 - NEW! Book website [Link] [Get it HERE] and [Here] and [Here]

Engineering Aesthetics, with Shahin Vassigh, Routledge, forthcoming

Imaginative Beholding: Representation, Modernism and Aesthetics in Visual Culture. in process

Studio Books

Atlas Mar, 2012 [Link]

Synthetic Ideologies, 2012 [Link]


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Newman, W. E., Collaborative Teaching for Stem and the Humanities in Architecture Programs:Engineering Aesthetics, Building Technology Educators’ Society, ACSA 102nd Annual MeetingSpecial Focus Session: Building Technology Educators’ Society ACSA Annual Meeting in Miami, FL/USA in April 2014  [Link]

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Newman, W.E. Essay, Semi-Automatic What? for exhibit, Semi-Automatic, Frank Jacobus and Marc Manack, curators and exhibit design, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design Gallery, Oc.t 21-Dec. 20, 2015

GSD Platform 4, [Link]

”Traces (Inscriptions) and Movement,” [Trans. in German as ”Spuren und Bewegung (Inskription),” Traces and Movement, 2009

“Between Movement: The Photographic Work of Aurore Reinicke” [Trans. in German as ”Zwischen Bewegung und Bewegung: Die Photografischen Arbeiten von Aurore Reinicke,”Reminiscence 2009

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’Mediatheque,’ in Studio  Works15, Harvard Graduate School of Design (1998)

’Museum in Torcello,’ in Studio Works14, Harvard Graduate School of Design (1997)

Body, Self and Other,” in Paratactics 2, Harvard Gradaute School of Design (1997)